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  • Corset Dresses and Corsets

    Posted on December 03 2017

    Corset Dresses and Corsets Corset dresses and corsets have remained one of the famous lingerie styles for ladies. Nо matter what size уоu wеаr, corset have always been one of the mоѕt...

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  • Waspie Corsets

    Posted on November 27 2017

    A Waspie reference generally refers to a very short corset, however, the exact specifications for waspies tends to vary from person to person. Our waist cincher corsets are one example...

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  • What is Steampunk fashion?

    Posted on November 08 2017

    It is a subgenre of the Steampunk movement. it is actually a mixture of elements from Industrial revolution from the early 1800s in Europe and the era of Victorian romantic...

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  • Helpful Corset Tips

    Posted on October 22 2017

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  • How to put on a Corset

    Posted on October 06 2017

    BREAKING-IN YOUR CORSET When you first get your corset, you’ll need to break it in and mold it to your own body. This will require you to wear your corset...

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